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GRE Word List


pertaining to the universe; vast

Immense: IELTS Vocabulary

The meaning of the word cosmic is pertaining to the universe; vast.

Random words

inalienablenot to be taken away; nontransferable; Ex. inalienable rights
fitsudden outburst of an illness or feeling; convulsion caused by epilepsy
contumaciousstubborn and disobedient; resisting authority (esp. disobedient to an order made by a court)
lolllounge about
elysiumplace or condition of bliss
aerienest of a large bird of prey
stodgydull; stuffy; boringly conservative; Ex. stodgy book
tribuneofficial of ancient Rome elected by the plebians to protect their rights; protector of the people
distinctionhonor; excellence; difference; contrast; discrimination; Ex. graduated with distinction; Ex. a writer of real distinction
loomappear or take shape (usually in an enlarged, indistinct, or distorted form); Ex. The shadow of the gallows loomed threateningly. N: apparatus for making thread into cloth