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GRE Word List



The meaning of the word masticate is chew.

Random words

enjoincommand; order; forbid
avalanchegreat mass of falling snow and ice
behoovebe suited to; be incumbent upon; be right and necessary; Ex. It behooves one to do.
punctiliousminutely attentive (perhaps too much so) to fine points; stressing niceties of conduct or form; N. punctilio, punctiliousness: careful attention payed to every small exact detail
meritdeserve; ADJ. meritorious: deserving reward or praise
insatiablenot easily satisfied; unquenchable; Ex. insatiable appetite
clarionshrill, trumpetlike sound; kind of trumpet used in former times
usageact or manner of using; accepted practice; way in which words are actually used
doggeddetermined; stubborn; stubbornly persevering; tenacious; Ex. Inspector Javert's dogged pursuit of Jean Valjean
exposepublic revelation of something discreditable