GRE Word List


enjoying good repute : held in esteem

The meaning of the word reputable is enjoying good repute : held in esteem.

Random words

galvanizeto subject to the action of an electric current especially for the purpose of stimulating physiologically
illusivebased on or producing illusion : illusory
supinelying on the back or with the face upward
enjointo direct or impose by authoritative order or with urgent admonition
blighta disease or injury of plants marked by the formation of lesions, withering, and death of parts (such as leaves and tubers)
desertsarid land with usually sparse vegetation
archaichaving the characteristics of the language of the past and surviving chiefly in specialized uses
desperadoa bold or violent criminal
draughta rough written version of something that is not yet in its final form; to write the first rough version of something such as a letter, speech, book or law; to choose people and send them somewhere for a special task
deportto send out of the country by legal deportation