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GRE Word List


respectable; having a good reputation

The meaning of the word reputable is respectable; having a good reputation.

Random words

tendhave a tendency; take care of; minister; serve at; apply one's attention; attend
crevicecrack; fissure
naivetequality of being unsophisticated; simplicity; artlessness; gullibility; ADJ. naive(na\"ive): ingenuous; lacking worldliness; simple; credulous
pensivedreamily or deeply thoughtful; sadly thoughtful; thoughtful with a hint of sadness; contemplative; CF. think over
wrathanger; fury
perceptiveinsightful; showing a good ability at perceiving and understanding; aware; wise; of perception
tacitunderstood (without actually being expressed); not put into words; Ex. tacit agreement
prefigurebe a sign of; foreshadow
lateralof or coming from the side