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GRE Word List


oddity; idiosyncrasy

Immense: IELTS Vocabulary

The meaning of the word eccentricity is oddity; idiosyncrasy.

Random words

interrogatequestion closely; cross-examine; cross-question
scurrymove hastily; hurry; move briskly
rakeimmoral or dissolute person
malignanttending to cause death; highly injurious; aggressively malevolent; Ex. malignant tumor
suffragistadvocate of the extension of voting rights (for women); CF. suffrage
stoutrather fat; strong in body; sturdy; resolute; determined; strong in determination; Ex. stout stick/supporter
provisionact of providing; something provided; preparatory measure; provisions: necessary supplies (esp. food); stipulation; condition in an agreement; Ex. According to the provisions of the agreement
infernalpertaining to hell; devilish; N. inferno: place of fiery heat or destruction
rejuvenatemake young again
pitfallhidden danger; concealed trap