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GRE Word List


fame; ADJ. renowned

The meaning of the word renown is fame; ADJ. renowned.

Random words

opulenceextreme wealth; luxuriousness; abundance; ADJ. opulent: possessing great wealth; abundant
aphorismpithy maxim or saying; ADJ. aphoristic
calumnymalicious misrepresentation; slander
nebulousvague; hazy; cloudy; of a nebula; Ex. nebulous proposal
frivolouslacking in seriousness; flippant; self-indulgently carefree; unworthy of serious attention; relatively unimportant; trivial
intriguemake secret plans; plot; arouse the curiosity of; N: secret scheme; plot; secret love affair
impersonalnot being a person; not showing personal feelings; Ex. impersonal force/manner/organization
symbiosisinterdependent relationship (between groups, species) often mutually beneficial; ADJ. symbiotic; CF. together + life
violatebreak (a law); defile; desecrate; assault sexually; Ex. violate graves
waryvery cautious; watchful