GRE Word List


waste matter; worthless impurities

The meaning of the word dross is waste matter; worthless impurities.

Random words

consonantharmonious; in agreement; N.
tortuouswinding; full of curves; Ex. tortuous mountain road
prevailbe widespread; triumph over; gain victory; prevail on: persuade; induce; Ex. Justice has prevailed; Ex. prevail on someone to do something
decadencedecay; fall to a lower level (of morality, civilization, or art); ADJ. decadent
tenancypossession of land or building by rent; period of a tenant's occupancy
cantodivision of a long poem
regenerationspiritual rebirth; Ex. regeneration of the prisoners; V. regenerate: give or obtain new life; reform spiritually
soddenthoroughly soaked; dull or stupid as if from drink
debonair(of men) friendly, charming, and fashionably dressed; aiming to please; CF. of good disposition
condimentsseasonings; spices