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GRE Word List


revert (to bad habits); N. reverter

The meaning of the word backslide is revert (to bad habits); N. reverter.

Random words

curmudgeonchurlish, miserly individual; bad-tempered old person
incompatibleinharmonious; N. incompatibility
suppliantentreating; beseeching; N.
conflagrationgreat fire
quagmirebog; marsh; soft, wet, boggy land; predicament; complex or dangerous situation from which it is difficult to free oneself
exaltraise in rank or dignity; praise highly; inspire; Ex. exalt the imagination; ADJ. exalted; N. exaltation
attritionrubbing away by friction; gradual decrease in numbers or strength; reduction in the work force without firing employees; wearing away of opposition by means of harassment; Ex. a war of attrition
peruseread through with care; N. perusal
scintillatrace; minute amount; shred; least bit; Ex. There is not a scintilla of truth; CF. spark