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GRE Word List


idealistic but impractical; CF. Don Quixote

The meaning of the word quixotic is idealistic but impractical; CF. Don Quixote.

Random words

flounderstruggle and thrash about; proceed clumsily or falter (as in water, mud, snow, etc.); proceed in confusion
avidgreedy; extremely eager for; Ex. avid learner; N. avidity
arduoushard; strenuous; Ex. arduous work
rarefiedmade less dense (of a gas); V. rarefy: make less dense; N. rarefaction
scrapsmall bit or fragment; discarded waste material; fight; Ex. a scrap of paper/cloth; V: break into parts for disposal; discard as worthless; fight; quarrel
dysenteryinflammatory disorder of the lower intestinal tract
anthologybook of literary selections by various authors; CF. omnibus
asperitysharpness; roughness; severity (of temper or weather); Ex. asperities of a Russian winter
bafflefrustrate; perplex
guststrong abrupt rush of wind; V. CF. bluster