GRE Word List


idealistic but impractical; CF. Don Quixote

The meaning of the word quixotic is idealistic but impractical; CF. Don Quixote.

Random words

crochetmake (a piece of needlework) by looping thread with a hooked needle; N. CF. crotchet
tattertorn piece of cloth; ADJ. tattered: (of clothes) old and torn; (of a person) dressed in old torn clothes
capsize(of a boat) turn over
rebuttalrefutation; response with contrary evidence; V. rebut: refute; disprove
unimpeachablethat cannot be impeached; beyond doubt or question; blameless and exemplary
diatribebitter scolding or denunciation; invective; abuse
encomiasticpraising; eulogistic; N. encomium: very high praise; eulogy
resplendentbrilliant; splendid in appearance; dazzling; glorious
valorbravery; ADJ. valiant: possessing valor; brave
versatilehaving many talents; capable of working in many fields; having many uses or functions; N. versatility