GRE Word List


winding; full of curves; Ex. tortuous mountain road

The meaning of the word tortuous is winding; full of curves; Ex. tortuous mountain road.

Random words

repellentdriving away; disgusting; offensive; repulsive; unattractive; N.
traduceexpose to slander
foolhardyrash; reckless; foolishly daring
metaphorimplied comparison; CF. simile
chortlechuckle with delight; N.
archipelagogroup of closely located islands
incenseenrage; infuriate(make furious); make extremely angry; outrage; N: aromatic substance burned to produce a pleasant odor
regimenprescribed course of diet or exercise; prescribed diet and habits; Ex. daily regimen of a dancer
dauntintimidate; frighten; discourage; dishearten