GRE Word List


nearness (in space or relationship); proximity; kinship

The meaning of the word propinquity is nearness (in space or relationship); proximity; kinship.

Random words

vitreousof glass; pertaining to or resembling glass; V. vitrify: change into glass; CF. petrify
cognizanceknowledge; ADJ. cognizant; having knowledge; aware
doggeddetermined; stubborn; stubbornly persevering; tenacious; Ex. Inspector Javert's dogged pursuit of Jean Valjean
lineamentsfeatures especially of the face; distinctive shape or contour of the face; CF. line
galewindstorm; gust of wind; emotional outburst (laughters, tears); Ex. gale of laughter
checkstop motion; curb or restrain
carpingpetty criticism; fault-finding; fretful complaining; quibble
pragmaticpractical (as opposed to idealistic); concerned with practical worth or impact of something; Ex. pragmatic test of the skill
economyefficiency or conciseness in using something; thrifty management of resources