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GRE Word List


preference; partiality

The meaning of the word predilection is preference; partiality.

Random words

communalheld in common; public; of a group of people; of a commune
beguiledeceive; mislead or delude; cheat; pass time pleasantly; charm or attract; Ex. beguiling smile
cantatastory set to music to be sung by a chorus (shorter than an oratorio)
mementotoken; reminder of the past; keepsake; Ex. memento of your visit
pestilentialcausing plague; tending to cause death; baneful; N. pestilence: fatal epidemic disease (esp. bubonic plague)
yoretime long past; Ex. in the days of yore
equipoisebalance; balancing force; equilibrium
privysecret; hidden; not public; made a participant in something secret; Ex. privy chamber government; Ex. be privy to a discussion; CF. private
remissiontemporary moderation (of disease symptoms); remitting of a debt or punishment; cancelation of a debt; pardon; Ex. The disease went into remission; Ex. Christians pray for the remission of sins.
homagehonor; tribute; great respect; Ex. pay/do homage to