GRE Word List



The meaning of the word precise is exact.

Random words

squashcrush; quash; suppress
probityuprightness; honesty; incorruptibility
perforatepierce; put a hole through
shambles(place or scene of) complete disorder or ruin; wreck; mess; Ex. After the hurricane, the coast was a shambles.
subpoenawrit(written command issued by a court) summoning a witness to appear in court; V: summon with a subpoena
factiousinclined to form factions; causing dissension
threshbeat (cereal plants) with a machine or flail to separate the grains from the straw
desertswhat someone deserves
stintsupply; allotted amount of work; assigned portion of work; limitation; Ex. two-year stint in the army; Ex. without stint
aggrandizemake greater; increase in power, wealth, rank, or honor; N. aggrandizement