GRE Word List


flexible; easily influenced; yielding; adaptable

The meaning of the word pliable is flexible; easily influenced; yielding; adaptable.

Random words

oscillatevibrate pendulumlike; waver
menageriecollection of wild animals on exhibition; zoo
metamorphosischange of form; Ex. metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly; V. metamorphose: change by metamorphosis
anthropomorphichaving human form or characteristics
narcissistconceited person; N. narcissism; CF. narcissus
pulverizecrush or grind into very small particles
cuisinestyle of cooking; Ex. French cuisine
jaunttrip; short journey
prognosticatepredict (according to present indications)
perversepurposely continuing to do something wrong; stubbornly wrongheaded; perverted; directed away from what is right; wicked and unacceptable; Ex. perverse satisfaction; Ex. Hannibal Lecter in a perverse mood; N. perversity