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GRE Word List


collection of wild animals on exhibition; zoo

The meaning of the word menagerie is collection of wild animals on exhibition; zoo.

Random words

relicsurviving remnant (from an extinct culture); memento; keepsake; relics: corpse; Ex. ancient relics; Ex. relics of his travel; Ex. His relics are buried at X.
helmsteering wheel of a ship; position of control
inestimableimpossible to estimate; (apprec) invaluable; of immeasurable worth
mutterutter (complaining words) indistinctly in low tones
concertedmutually agreed on; done together by agreement; Ex. concerted effort; CF. in concert: working together
pivotalof a pivot; central; critical; crucial
legendexplanatory list of symbols on a map
phylummajor classification, second to kingdom, of plants and animals; category ranking below a kingdom and above a class; division
indigenousnative; Ex. plant indigenous to the New World
maelstromviolent whirlpool; violent or tublent situation; CF. stream