GRE Word List


collection of wild animals on exhibition; zoo

The meaning of the word menagerie is collection of wild animals on exhibition; zoo.

Random words

oblivionobscurity; condition of being completely forgotten; forgetfulness
apertureopening; hole; adjustable opening in a camera that limits the amount of light
disclosereveal; N. disclosure
teetotalismpractice of abstaining totally from alcoholic drinks; N. teetotaler;; ADJ. teetotal; CF. T + total
stemstop or check (the flow of); Ex. stem the bleeding from the slashed artery; N: main axis of a plant; stalk
petulanttouchy; peevish; ill-tempered
bandydiscuss lightly or glibly; discuss in a frivolous manner; exchange (words) heatedly; quarrel; Ex. bandy words with
ragamuffindirty child in torn clothes; person wearing tattered clothes
placidpeaceful; calm; Ex. placid child/lake