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GRE Word List


concise and meaningful; substantial; meaty

The meaning of the word pithy is concise and meaningful; substantial; meaty.

Random words

euphonysweet sound; ADJ. euphonious
penanceself-imposed punishment for sin; Ex. do penance for one's sins; CF. penitent
caratunit of weight for precious stones; measure of the purity of gold
evenhandedimpartial; fair
aspersionslanderous remark; Ex. cast aspersions on
grosstotal; fragrant; clearly wrong; (of people's behavior) coarse; corpulent; Ex. gross insolence/behavior; V: earn as a total amount; N: 12 dozens
reprievepostponement or cancelation of a punishment; temporary stay; V: postpone or cancel the punishment of
monasticrelated to monks or monasteries; removed from worldly concerns
skulduggerydishonest behavior or action; Ex. skulduggery in the election
ostensibleapparent; appearing as such; professed(pretended); pretended; Ex. ostensible purpose of the expedition