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GRE Word List


hopelessly sad (at the loss of something)

The meaning of the word disconsolate is hopelessly sad (at the loss of something).

Random words

physiologicalpertaining to the science of the function of living organisms; N. physiology
repinefret; complain; be annoyed; Ex. repine over the undone work
supersedereplace; cause to be set aside; make obsolete; N. supersession
represshold back (the natural expression of); restrain; crush; oppress; Ex. repressed child; Ex. repress a laugh/rebellion
pedestalsupport or base as for a pillar or statue
choicedelicate; of very fine quality
lachrymoseproducing tears; tearful
varnishpaint used to coat a surface with a glossy film; glossy coating produced by using this substance; Ex. nail varnish; V.
slackenslow up; loosen; make or become slack
firebrandpiece of burning wood; hothead; troublemaker; person who stirs up trouble