GRE Word List


disturb greatly

The meaning of the word perturb is disturb greatly.

Random words

exemplifyshow by example; furnish an example; serve as an example of; Ex. His pictures exemplify that sort of painting.
determinatehaving a fixed order of procedure; precisely defined; invariable; fixed; conclusive; final
championsupport militantly; fight for; N: person who fights for or supports strongly (a principle, movement, person, etc.)
crotchety(of someone old) eccentric; odd; whimsical; bad-tempered; N. crotchet: odd or whimsical notion
sleighlarge vehicle drawn by a horse over snow or ice
tangibleable to be touched; real; concrete; palpable; possible to realize or understand; Ex. tangible proof
conciliatoryreconciling; soothing; V. conciliate: reconcile; soothe; win the friendly feelings (by removing anger)
blasebored with pleasure or dissipation; uninterested or bored
bogsoft wet land; V: hinder or be hindered; Ex. bogged down in the mud