GRE Word List


outrun; surpass; outdo

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The meaning of the word outstrip is outrun; surpass; outdo.

Random words

escapadeprank; flighty conduct; reckless adventure that disobeys rules
spoonerismaccidental transposition of sounds in successive words; Ex. ``Let me sew you to your sheet'' for ``Let me show you to your seat''; CF. William Spooner
impartgrant a share of; make known; Ex. news to impart
sartorialpertaining to tailors or tailoring; Ex. a man of great sartorial elegance; CF. sartor: tailor
supposititiousassumed; counterfeit; hypothetical
perseverecontinue steadily in spite of difficulties
euthanasiamercy killing
amnesialoss of memory
hibernalwintry; wintery; of or like winter
cremateincinerate (a corpse); N. crematory, crematorium