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GRE Word List


burden; responsibility

Immense: IELTS Vocabulary

The meaning of the word onus is burden; responsibility.

Random words

beratescold strongly
perorationconclusion of an oration; perorating; V. perorate: conclude a speech; speak at great length
tendentiouspromoting a particular point of view; biased; having an aim; designed to further a cause; Ex. tendentious rather than truth-seeking; CF. tend: move in a certain direction
propensitynatural inclination
antidoteremedy to counteract a poison or disease; Ex. antidote to the economic troubles
unconscionableunscrupulous; not guided by conscience; excessive; beyond reason; Ex. unconscionable demand
rubrictitle or heading (in red print); directions for religious ceremony; protocol
whelpyoung animal (esp. of the dog or cat family); young wolf, dog, tiger, etc.
distinctiveclearly different from others of the same kind