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GRE Word List


black volcanic rock

The meaning of the word obsidian is black volcanic rock.

Random words

communesmall (often rural) community whose members share work and income; V: exchange thoughts or feelings; Ex. commune with nature
arrogancepride; haughtiness; ADJ. arrogant: unpleasantly self-important (with a strong confidence in one's own importance and a lack of respect for other people)
dotebe excessively fond of; show signs of mental decline
engendercause; produce; give rise to
equilibriumbalance of opposing forces; balance of the mind; equanimity
renounceabandon; give up (by formal announcement); disown; repudiate; Ex. renounce one's claim to the property/one's religion; N. renunciation
wanhaving a pale or sickly color; pallid
herpetologistone who studies reptiles; CF. herpetology: branch of zoology that deals with reptiles and amphibians
sextantnavigation tool used to determine a ship's latitude and longitude (by measuring the altitudes of stars)
compileassemble; gather; accumulate; make (a report or a book) from facts and information found in various places; Ex. compile a dictionary