GRE Word List


persuade by flattery

The meaning of the word coax is persuade by flattery.

Random words

betraybe unfaithful; reveal (unconsciously or unwillingly); Ex. Her trembling hands betray her anxiety.
siderealrelating to stars; Ex. sidereal day
stagnant(of water) not flowing (often bad-smelling); motionless; stale; not developing; inactive; dull; Ex. stagnant industrial output
tempospeed of music
incisive(appreciatively) cutting; sharp; Ex. incisive remarks; V. incise: make a cut into
rusticatebanish to the country; dwell in the country
belittledisparage; depreciate
chastendiscipline; punish in order to correct; CF. castigate
unfetterliberate; free from chains; V. unfetter
shangri-laimaginary remote paradise on earth; CF. Lost Horizon