GRE Word List


persuade by flattery

The meaning of the word coax is persuade by flattery.

Random words

naivetequality of being unsophisticated; simplicity; artlessness; gullibility; ADJ. naive(na\"ive): ingenuous; lacking worldliness; simple; credulous
ambivalencethe state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes or opinions
diaphanoussheer; transparent
synopticproviding a general overview; summary; N. synopsis
sophistryseemingly plausible but fallacious reasoning; sophism
pristineunspoiled; remaining in a pure state; characteristic of earlier times; primitive; Ex. an old book in pristine condition
contemptscorn; disdain; ADJ. contemptuous; CF. contemptible
arsenalstorage place for military equipment
supercilioushaughty; arrogant; condescending; patronizing; CF. eyebrow, cilium
exactdemand and obtain by force; Ex. exact a promise from him; N. exaction