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GRE Word List


third in order or rank

The meaning of the word tertiary is third in order or rank.

Random words

brawnhuman muscle; muscular strength; sturdiness
estrangedseparated; alienated; V. estrange: alienate (people in a family); N. estrangement
distorttwist out of shape; give a false account of; misrepresent; N. distortion
smirkconceited smile; offensively self-satisfied smile (often at someone else's misfortune); V.
vernalpertaining to spring
heresyopinion contrary to popular belief; opinion contrary to accepted religion; ADJ. heretical; CF. heretic
blowhardtalkative boaster; braggart
valorbravery; ADJ. valiant: possessing valor; brave
crevicecrack; fissure
flounderstruggle and thrash about; proceed clumsily or falter (as in water, mud, snow, etc.); proceed in confusion