GRE Word List


a general truth, fundamental principle, or rule of conduct

The meaning of the word maxim is a general truth, fundamental principle, or rule of conduct.

Random words

vitiateto make faulty or defective : impair
flourishto grow luxuriantly : thrive
detractiona lessening of reputation or esteem especially by envious, malicious, or petty criticism : belittling
latentpresent and capable of emerging or developing but not now visible, obvious, active, or symptomatic
centrifugea machine using centrifugal force for separating substances of different densities, for removing moisture, or for simulating gravitational effects
flayto strip off the skin or surface of : skin
exactto call for forcibly or urgently and obtain
wardthe action or process of guarding
glutto flood (the market) with goods so that supply exceeds demand