GRE Word List


a general truth, fundamental principle, or rule of conduct

The meaning of the word maxim is a general truth, fundamental principle, or rule of conduct.

Random words

gullibleeasily duped or cheated
jostleto come in contact or into collision
medleya musical composition made up of a series of songs or short pieces
intrudeto thrust oneself in without invitation, permission, or welcome
incandescentwhite, glowing, or luminous with intense heat
defileto make unclean or impure: such as
forerunnerone that precedes and indicates the approach of another: such as
gerontocracyrule by elders
mangeany of various persistent contagious skin diseases marked especially by eczematous inflammation and loss of hair, affecting domestic animals or sometimes humans, and caused by a minute parasitic mite compare sarcoptic mange
facetany of the definable aspects that make up a subject (as of contemplation) or an object (as of consideration)