GRE Word List


generous gift (given to people who do not have enough)

The meaning of the word largess is generous gift (given to people who do not have enough).

Random words

mediocreordinary; commonplace; neither good nor bad
combustibleeasily burned; N. CF. combustion
barristercounselor-at-law or lawyer in the higher court of law; CF. bar
disenfranchisedisfranchise; deprive of a civil right; OP. enfranchise
lancepierce with a lance; cut into; N: spearlike weapon
hideskin of an animal
anachronisman error involving time in a story; something or someone misplaced in time; ADJ. anachronistic
indictcharge; N. indictment
grievancecause of complaint; complaint
growllow, guttural, menacing sound (as of a dog)