GRE Word List


liberal giving (as of money) to or as if to an inferior

The meaning of the word largess is liberal giving (as of money) to or as if to an inferior.

Random words

iniquitouscharacterized by iniquity
unconscionableshockingly unfair or unjust
celibateof, relating to, or characterized by celibacy:
triggera piece (such as a lever) connected with a catch or detent as a means of releasing it
somnambulistan abnormal condition of sleep in which motor acts (such as walking) are performed
miteany of numerous small acarid arachnids that often infest animals, plants, and stored foods and include important disease vectors
titlethe distinguishing name of a written, printed, or filmed production
multiformhaving many forms or appearances
bouillona clear seasoned soup made usually from lean beef