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GRE Word List



The meaning of the word craven is cowardly.

Random words

fettershackle; restrict the freedom of; N. chain or shackle for the foot of a prisoner; CF. foot
squelchproduce a splashing sound (when stepping through mud); crush; squash; CF. 진흙을 위에서 밟을 때
facadefront or face (of building); superficial or false appearance
campgroup sharing a common cause or opinion
graphiteblack form of carbon used in lead pencils
pungentstinging; acrid; sharp in taste or smell; (of speech or writing) caustic; N. pungency
capsize(of a boat) turn over
renovaterestore to good condition; renew
metallurgicalpertaining to the art of removing metals from ores; N. metallurgy: science that deals with extracting metals from ores