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GRE Word List


incapable of injury; impossible to damage or injure

The meaning of the word invulnerable is incapable of injury; impossible to damage or injure.

Random words

infidelunbeliever (with respect to a particular religion)
balmsomething that relieves pain; oily liquid with a pleasant smell from trees
immaculatespotless; flawless; absolutely clean
erroneousmistaken; wrong; incorrect
execrablevery bad; detestable
resolvedecide; settle; solve; separate; make a determined decision; N. resolution
sundrymiscellaneous; various; several; N. sundries: small miscellaneous items
esoterichard to understand; known only to the chosen few, esp. initiates; N. esoterica
unconscionableunscrupulous; not guided by conscience; excessive; beyond reason; Ex. unconscionable demand