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GRE Word List


firmly established by nature or habit; intrinsic

The meaning of the word inherent is firmly established by nature or habit; intrinsic.

Random words

histrionictheatrical; excessively dramatic or emotional; affected; of actors or acting; N. histrionics: histrionic behavior
aplombpoise; composure in difficult situations; assurance; self-confidence
cullpick out from others (to kill the weakest members); reject; select; collect (information); N.
warrantyguarantee; assurance by seller
instituteorganization for a special purpose; V: establish
wreakinflict; Ex. wreak one's vengeance on
emissaryagent (sent on a mission to represent another); messenger
vergeborder; edge, rim, or margin; Ex. on the verge of: very near to; V: border on
cerebralpertaining to the brain or intellect; intellectual rather than emotional; CF. cerebrum
stentorian(of the voice) extremely loud; CF. Stentor: a loud herald in the Iliad