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GRE Word List


choosing at random; confused; not based on careful distinctions

Immense: IELTS Vocabulary

The meaning of the word indiscriminate is choosing at random; confused; not based on careful distinctions.

Random words

precisabstract; concise summing up of main points; concise summary of a text
decadencedecay; fall to a lower level (of morality, civilization, or art); ADJ. decadent
eulogisticpraising; full of eulogy
pristineunspoiled; remaining in a pure state; characteristic of earlier times; primitive; Ex. an old book in pristine condition
replenishfill up again
partitiondivide into parts
bookishfond of books and reading
undermineweaken gradually; sap; dig a mine beneath
tridentthree-pronged spear
impertinentinsolent; rude; not pertinent; N. impertinence