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GRE Word List


choosing at random; confused; not based on careful distinctions

The meaning of the word indiscriminate is choosing at random; confused; not based on careful distinctions.

Random words

whimsywhim; tendency to behave amusingly strangely; Ex. story full of whimsy
seminalrelated to seed or semen; germinal; creative; providing a basis for further development; influencing future developments; Ex. seminal research in a new field
magnanimitygenerosity; ADJ. magnanimous: generous
chastemorally pure; virginal; abstaining from illicit sexual acts; modest; simple (of a style of writing); not highly decorated; austere
migrantchanging its habitat; wandering; Ex. migrant birds/workers; N: one that migrates
relegateput into a lower or worse place; banish to an inferior position; delegate; assign; Ex. relegate the old furniture to the children's room; Ex. relegated to the second division
intrudeput or force in without being asked; trespass; enter as an uninvited person; Ex. intrude one's own opinion into the report; CF. thrust in
contagioninfection (by contact); ADJ. contagious; CF. infectious: that can be passed by infection in the air
cardiologistdoctor specializing in ailments of the heart
distantreserved or aloof; cold in manner; Ex. distant greeting; ADV. distantly