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GRE Word List


tending to include all; all-inclusive; Ex. inclusive charge

The meaning of the word inclusive is tending to include all; all-inclusive; Ex. inclusive charge.

Random words

luxuriatetake pleasure in great comfort
sublimecausing deep feelings of wonder, joy, respect, etc.; exalted; noble and uplifting; utter
correlationmutual relationship
captiousfaultfinding; too critical
elysianrelating to paradise; blissful
manaclerestrain; handcuff; N.
torsotrunk of statue with head and limbs missing; human trunk
misanthropeone who hates mankind; misanthropist
blackballvote against (an applicant); ostracize; N: negative vote
subjectiveinfluenced by personal feelings; occurring or taking place within the mind; unreal; Ex. subjective sensation of the ghostly presence