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GRE Word List


not repentant

The meaning of the word impenitent is not repentant.

Random words

rococoornate; highly decorated; N. CF. 18th century
earngain for the performance of service or labor; gain (something that one deserves); deserve
sucklegive or take milk at the breast or udder
prosperbecome successful (esp. financially); thrive; grow well; Ex. children prospering under his care
gestateevolve as in prenatal growth; N. gestation: period of development from conception until birth
stringent(of rules) binding; rigid; marked by scarcity of money; Ex. stringent economic conditions
disparatebasically different; impossible to compare; unrelated
infamousnotoriously bad; notorious; well known for being bad; Ex. infamous behavior; N: infamy: infamous act; evil fame or reputation
rigarrangement of masts and sails; V: equip (a ship) with rigging; ADJ. rigging: ropes that hold up a ship's sails
slagglassy residue from smelting metal; dross; waste matter