GRE Word List


not repentant

The meaning of the word impenitent is not repentant.

Random words

doltslow-thinking stupid person; CF. dull
goadurge on; drive with a goad; cause (someone) to do something by continued annoyance; Ex. They goaded him into doing it by saying he was a coward; N: sharp-pointed stick for driving cattle; stimulus; CF. annoy continually
recurrentoccurring again and again
hortatoryencouraging; exhortive; marked by exhortation; CF. exhort
quiptaunt; clever sarcastic remark; V.
gruelingexhausting; Ex. grueling marathon race
taxonomistspecialist in classifying (animals, etc.); CF. taxonomy: science of classification
proletarianmember of the working class; blue collar guy; N. proletariat: working class (who have to work for wages)
polygamistone who has more than one spouse at a time; CF. bigamy; CF. polyandry
depreciatelessen in value; belittle; represent as of little value