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GRE Word List


drink in

The meaning of the word imbibe is drink in.

Random words

pacifistone opposed to force; antimilitarist; ADJ. N. pacifism: opposition to war as a means of resolving disputes
feudbitter prolonged quarrel (usually between two peoples or families); V. CF. Romeo and Juliet; CF. feudal, feudalism
countermandcancel; revoke (an order)
scaffoldtemporary platform for workers (to work at heights above the ground); bracing framework; platform for execution
fusionunion; coalition; V. fuse
intermittentperiodic; on and off; stopping and starting at intervals
turmoilextreme confusion; great commotion and confusion; Ex. throw the country into turmoil
tardyslow; sluggish; not on time; late; Ex. tardy arrival
peregrinationjourney; V. peregrinate
lustershine; gloss (of a polished surface)

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