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GRE Word List


cause; produce; give rise to

The meaning of the word engender is cause; produce; give rise to.

Random words

flaystrip off skin; plunder; remove the skin from; criticize harshly
hideskin of an animal
lunarpertaining to the moon
droopbend or hang downward; become weakened; Ex. His shoulders drooped with tiredness; N.
determinationresolve; firmness of purpose; measurement or calculation; decision
impenitentnot repentant
preemptprevent in advance; head off(forestall); forestall by acting first; appropriate for oneself before others; supplant; take the place of; displace; Ex. preempt any attempts; ADJ. preemptive
enjoincommand; order; forbid
lucideasily understood; clear; intelligible; N. lucidity
sterileincapable of producing young; free from microorganism; V. sterilize