GRE Word List


fantastic; comically hideous; strange and unnatural (causing fear or amusement)

The meaning of the word grotesque is fantastic; comically hideous; strange and unnatural (causing fear or amusement).

Random words

inopportuneuntimely; inappropriate or ill-timed; poorly chosen
conjurecause to appear by magic; summon (a devil or a spirit) by magical power; practice magic (esp. by very quick movement of the hands); evoke; conjure up: bring into the mind; Ex. The magician conjured a rabbit out of his hat.
reverberateecho repeatedly; resound; Ex. The thunder reverberated across the valley.
exceptexclude; N. exception: objection; exclusion; ADJ. exceptional: unusual; of unusually high quality
contagioninfection (by contact); ADJ. contagious; CF. infectious: that can be passed by infection in the air
stereotypeone regarded as embodying a set image or type; fixed and unvarying representation; standardized mental picture often reflecting prejudice; Ex. stereotype of the happy slave; V: make a stereotype of; represent by a stereotype; Ex. It is wrong to stereotype people; Ex. stereotyped answer
ramshackle(of a building or vehicle) poorly constructed; rickety; falling apart
hypnosisinduced sleeping state; ADJ. hypnotic; V. hypnotize
opportunetimely; well-chosen