GRE Word List


small weakness of character; slight fault; CF. feeble

The meaning of the word foible is small weakness of character; slight fault; CF. feeble.

Random words

flirtbehave in a way that attracts (sexual) attention; deal triflingly with; N: one (or woman) given to flirting; ADJ. flirtatious
hazardventure; put in danger; risk; Ex. hazard a guess; N: possible source of danger
incentivespur; motive; something which encourages one to greater activity
cursive(of writing) flowing; running; having the successive letters joined
insidioustreacherous; stealthy; sly; working or spreading harmfully in a stealthy manner; Ex. insidious spreading of dry rot
besmirchsoil; defile; make dirty
dingy(of things and place) dirty and dull; Ex. dingy street/curtain
concomitantthat which accompanies; Ex. Deafnes is a frequent concommitant of old age; ADJ: existing or happening together with something else
creedsystem of religious or ethical belief