GRE Word List


small weakness of character; slight fault; CF. feeble

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The meaning of the word foible is small weakness of character; slight fault; CF. feeble.

Random words

impietyirreverence; lack of respect for God or piety
antipathyaversion; dislike or opposition
reparablecapable of being repaired
baneposion; cause of ruin; ADJ. baneful: harmful; poisonous
gnarlprotruding knot on a tree; V.
mammalvertebrate animal whose female suckles its young
dilutemake (a liquid) less concentrated; reduce in strength; Ex. dilute the influence of the president
capillaryhaving a very fine bore; resembling a hair; fine and slender; Ex. capillary attraction; N: very fine hairlike tube; CF. capillarity
gibemock; make jeering remarks; N: jeering remarks