GRE Word List


smoothness of speech; ADJ. fluent

The meaning of the word fluency is smoothness of speech; ADJ. fluent.

Random words

prepossessingattractive; CF. preoccupying ?
schemesystematic plan; plot; clever dishonest plan; orderly arrangement of elements; Ex. health insurance scheme; Ex. a scheme to escape taxes; Ex. a color scheme; Ex. a story with no scheme; V: contrive a scheme
reconnaissancesurvey of enemy by soldiers; reconnoitering; V. reconnoiter: make a preliminary inspection of (esp. to gather military information)
earmarkset aside (money or time) for a particular purpose
thriveprosper; flourish
conventionalordinary; typical; not nuclear; Ex. conventional weapons
apotheosiselevation to godhood; an ideal example of something
cauterizeburn (a wound or snakebite, etc.) with hot iron or caustic substance to stop bleeding and prevent infection
congenitalexisting at birth