GRE Word List


an irregular military adventurer

The meaning of the word filibuster is an irregular military adventurer.

Random words

maritalof or relating to marriage or the married state
enraptureto fill with delight
vertigoa sensation of motion in which the individual or the individual's surroundings seem to whirl dizzily
presumptuousoverstepping due bounds (as of propriety or courtesy) : taking liberties
elegya poem in elegiac couplets
oratorioa lengthy choral work usually of a religious nature consisting chiefly of recitatives, arias, and choruses without action or scenery
paradoxone (such as a person, situation, or action) having seemingly contradictory qualities or phases
ingratiateto gain favor or favorable acceptance for by deliberate effort
awla pointed tool for marking surfaces or piercing small holes (as in leather or wood)
mundaneof, relating to, or characteristic of the world