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GRE Word List


pertaining to or befitting a son or daughter; Ex. filial respect

The meaning of the word filial is pertaining to or befitting a son or daughter; Ex. filial respect.

Random words

gesticulationmotion; gesture; V. gesticulate: make gestures (while speaking)
nocturnaldone or active at night; Ex. nocturnal animals/raids; CF. nocturne
cemeteryplace for burying the dead
primeperiod of ideal or peak condition; earliest or beginning stage; Ex. in the prime of life; Ex. prime of the year(spring); ADJ: first in importance or rank; first; V: make ready; prepare
ignobleunworthy; not noble; dishonorable; Ex. ignoble deed
lusciouspleasing to taste or smell; delicious
dodderingshaky; infirm from old age; V. dodder
aghastfilled with great surprise or fear; horrified
gratemake a harsh noise; have an unpleasant effect; shred by rubbing against a rough surface; Ex. grated cheese N: framework of metal bars to hold fuel in a fireplace
ventriloquistsomeone who can make his or her voice seem to come from another person or thing (without moving lips or jaws); N. ventriloquism, ventriloquy