GRE Word List


one's opinion of oneself; self-esteem

The meaning of the word ego is one's opinion of oneself; self-esteem.

Random words

beneficiaryperson entitled to benefits or proceeds of an insurance policy or will
prehensilecapable of grasping or holding (esp. by wrapping around); Ex. prehensile tails
bacchanaliathe ancient Roman festival in honor of Bacchus
obloquyslander; disgrace; infamy
germinatecause to sprout; sprout
gobbleeat very quickly
stockstandard; kept regularly in stock or supply; typical; routine; common; Ex. stock sizes of paper; Ex. stock excuse/character; N: goods for sale in a shop; OP. unique
mementotoken; reminder of the past; keepsake; Ex. memento of your visit
provisionact of providing; something provided; preparatory measure; provisions: necessary supplies (esp. food); stipulation; condition in an agreement; Ex. According to the provisions of the agreement
noisomefoul smelling; very unpleasant; unwholesome