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GRE Word List


calmness of temperament; composure

The meaning of the word equanimity is calmness of temperament; composure.

Random words

galaxylarge isolated system of stars, such as the Milky Way; collection of brilliant personalities
internecinemutually destructive
parchmentwriting material made from the skin of a sheep or goat
gradationseries of gradual stages; degree in such a progression
reconnaissancesurvey of enemy by soldiers; reconnoitering; V. reconnoiter: make a preliminary inspection of (esp. to gather military information)
cliquesmall exclusive group of people
chicanerytrickery; deception
pharisaicalpertaining to the Pharisees, who paid scrupulous attention to tradition; self-righteous; hypocritical
mysticof hidden meaning and spiritual power; Ex. mystic ceremonies; N. CF. mysticism
benefitadvantage; anything that brings helpl, advantage, or profit; money provided by the government to the people; fund-raising public entertainment; Ex. unemployment benefit; V: receive benefits; be beneficial to; give benefits

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