GRE Word List


motivate; activate; cause to act

The meaning of the word actuate is motivate; activate; cause to act.

Random words

stampstep on heavily (so as to crush or extinguish); put an end to; imprint or impress with a mark, design, or seal; shape with a die; characterize; Ex. machine stamping out car bodies; Ex. newspaper stamping him as a liar; N. stamping; implement used to stamp; impression stamped; mark; Ex. Her remarks bear the stamp of truth.
jollitygaiety; cheerfulness; ADJ. jolly: merry; gay
gargoylewaterspout carved in grotesque figures on a building
epithetword or phrase characteristically used to describe a person or thing; descriptive phrase to characterize a person (often contemptous)
prolixitytedious wordiness; verbosity; ADJ. prolix: wordy; verbose; diffuse
indubitableunable to be doubted; which cannot be doubted; unquestionable
melancholygloomy; morose; blue; N. ADJ. melancholic; CF. melancholia
nondescriptundistinctive; ordinary; ordinary-looking; Ex. nondescript fellow in a crowd
defrayprovide for the payment of; undertake the payment of; pay
spectrumcolored band produced when a beam of light passes through a prism; broad and continuous range; Ex. whole spectrum of modern thoughts