GRE Word List


choosing of a lot or card

The meaning of the word draw is choosing of a lot or card.

Random words

immuneresistant to; free or exempt from; N. immunity
pallbecome boring; grow tiresome
sleightdexterity; CF. sleight of hand: legerdemain; quickness of the hands in doing tricks
variegated(esp. of a flower or leaf) many-colored
paleontologystudy of prehistoric life or fossils; CF. paleo-: ancient or prehistoric; Ex. paleography: study of ancient written documents
expenditurepayment or expense; expending; something expended; output; Ex. receipt for the expenditure; Ex. expenditure of all the energy
relicsurviving remnant (from an extinct culture); memento; keepsake; relics: corpse; Ex. ancient relics; Ex. relics of his travel; Ex. His relics are buried at X.
unequivocalplain; clear; obvious
exceptionableobjectionable; likely to cause dislike; offensive; CF. unexceptionable: entirely acceptable
manifestevident; visible; obvious; V: show plainly