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GRE Word List


choosing of a lot or card

The meaning of the word draw is choosing of a lot or card.

Random words

tempermoderate; make less severe; tone down or restrain; toughen (steel) as by alternate heating and cooling
menacethreat; V: threaten
demolitiondestruction; V. demolish
odysseylong, eventful, adventurous journey
exclaimcry out suddenly; N. exclamation; ADJ. exclamatory
placeboharmless substance prescribed as a dummy pill
astronomicalenormously large or extensive
fallow(of land) plowed but not sowed (to improve the quality); uncultivated
mawkishmushy(sentimental) and gushy; icky-sticky sentimental; excessively and objectionably sentimental
fathomlesstoo deep to be measured or understood; unfathomable

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