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GRE Word List


able to see differences; discerning; prejudiced; N. discrimination

The meaning of the word discriminating is able to see differences; discerning; prejudiced; N. discrimination.

Random words

catharticpurgative; medicine that causes the bowels to empty; ADJ.
discriminatedistinguish; make distinctions on the basis of preference
derogatoryexpressing a low opinion; disparaging; V. derogate: detract; disparage
inveteratedeep-rooted; habitual; CF. grow old
symbiosisinterdependent relationship (between groups, species) often mutually beneficial; ADJ. symbiotic; CF. together + life
hermeticconcerning alchemy or magic; obscure and mysterious; occult
quintessencepurest and highest embodiment; perfect example; apotheosis; most essential element; Ex. quintessence of wit; ADJ. quintessential; CF. fifth essence
dincontinued loud noise; V: make a din; instill by wearying repetition
raimentclothing; garments; Ex. I have no raiment fit to wear.