GRE Word List


crude dwelling; shack

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The meaning of the word hut is crude dwelling; shack.

Random words

ruffianviolent scoundrel; bully
industriousdiligent; hard-working; N. industry
resolvedecide; settle; solve; separate; make a determined decision; N. resolution
diatribebitter scolding or denunciation; invective; abuse
glittershine brightly with flashing points of light; Ex. glittering diamond ring; N: sparkling light; attractiveness; glamor; Ex. glitter of the sun on the waves
acidulousslightly sour (in taste or manner); sharp; caustic
promiscuousmixed indiscriminately; indiscriminate; not choosing carefully; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners; irregular, particularly sexually; Ex. promiscuous life/girl; N. promiscuity
waxincrease gradually (as the moon); grow
euphonysweet sound; ADJ. euphonious
retrospectivelooking back on the past; N. retrospection; V. retrospect