GRE Word List


chuckle with delight; N.

The meaning of the word chortle is chuckle with delight; N..

Random words

burlesquegive an imitation that ridicules; imitate mockingly
tapervery thin candle; gradual decrease in the width of a long object; V. make or become gradually narrower toward one end
reparteequick clever reply
earngain for the performance of service or labor; gain (something that one deserves); deserve
rigarrangement of masts and sails; V: equip (a ship) with rigging; ADJ. rigging: ropes that hold up a ship's sails
antisepticsubstance that prevents infection in a wound; ADJ.
corroborateconfirm; support; strengthen
predatorpredatory animal or bird; predatory person; creature that seizes and devours another animal; person who robs or exploits others; ADJ. predatory: living by preying on other organisms; plundering; N. predation
seismicpertaining to earthquakes