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GRE Word List


corpse; dead human body

The meaning of the word cadaver is corpse; dead human body.

Random words

lolllounge about
obstreperousboisterous; noisy and uncontrollable
inexorablerelentless; unyielding; implacable; not capable of being changed by entreaty or efforts; Ex. inexorable price rises
abstainrefrain; withhold from participation; intentionally not use one's vote
compulsiveresulting from compulsion
gamutentire range
tangibleable to be touched; real; concrete; palpable; possible to realize or understand; Ex. tangible proof
nocturnaldone or active at night; Ex. nocturnal animals/raids; CF. nocturne
babblechatter idly or foolishly; make continuous sounds like water running gently over rounded stone; N.
sacrosanctinvioably sacred; most sacred; inviolable