GRE Word List


corpse; dead human body

The meaning of the word cadaver is corpse; dead human body.

Random words

prevailbe widespread; triumph over; gain victory; prevail on: persuade; induce; Ex. Justice has prevailed; Ex. prevail on someone to do something
fringedecorative edge of hanging threads; edge
draftfirst rough form; conscription; draught; V: make a draft of; conscript
igneousproduced by fire; of fire; volcanic; (of rocks) formed from lava; Ex. igneous meteorite
inscrutabledifficult to understand; impenetrable; not readily understood; mysterious
uxoriousexcessively submissive or devoted to one's wife; CF. uxor: wife
incendiaryarsonist; ADJ: causing fire; of arson; Ex. incendiary bomb
nauseouscausing nausea; feeling nausea
ostracizebanish from a group; exclude from public favor; ban; Ex. His friends ostracized him. N. ostracism
chasmabyss; very deep crack