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GRE Word List


corpse; dead human body

The meaning of the word cadaver is corpse; dead human body.

Random words

malaproposinappropriate; ADV.
exemptnot subject to a duty or obligation; free from a duty; V.
minuteextremely small; CF. minutes: official record of the proceedings at a meeting
regattaboat or yacht race
attritionrubbing away by friction; gradual decrease in numbers or strength; reduction in the work force without firing employees; wearing away of opposition by means of harassment; Ex. a war of attrition
energizeinvigorate; give energy to; make forceful and active
takeoffburlesque; act of leaving the ground
overthrowtopple; N.
impeachcharge (a public official) with crime in office; raise doubts about; indict; Ex. impeach a witness's credibility