GRE Word List


hit or knock against with force; N.

The meaning of the word bump is hit or knock against with force; N..

Random words

sagaScandinavian myth; any legend; long heroic narrative
abodedwelling place; home
legerdemainsleight(dexterity) of hand; CF. light of hand
placidpeaceful; calm; Ex. placid child/lake
garrulousloquacious; wordy; talkative; N. garrulity
shrewdclever; astute
refulgenteffulgent; brilliant; brightly shining; gleaming; Ex. refulgent moon
frigidintensely cold; cold in manner; Ex. frigid zone
tarnishmake or become dull or discolored; N.
venturesome(of a person) bold; adventurous; daring; (of an action) risky