GRE Word List


wave around (a weapon); flourish

The meaning of the word brandish is wave around (a weapon); flourish.

Random words

estrangedseparated; alienated; V. estrange: alienate (people in a family); N. estrangement
harryharass, annoy, torment (by repeated attacks); raid
treatisearticle treating a subject systematically and thoroughly
suppositionassumption; hypothesis; surmise; V. suppose
aversionfirm dislike
repletefully filled; filled to the brim or to the point of being stuffed; abundantly supplied; Ex. report replete with errors
industriousdiligent; hard-working; N. industry
proscribeprohibit; ostracize; banish; outlaw
laitylaypersons; laymen; persons not connected with the clergy
scholarlyfull of learning; erudite; like a scholar; Ex. scholarly journal