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GRE Word List


clear beef (or meat) soup

The meaning of the word bouillon is clear beef (or meat) soup.

Random words

impedimenthindrance; stumbling-block; speech defect preventing clear articulation; Ex. speech impediment
virtuosohighly skilled artist (esp. in music); Ex. piano virtuoso
insomniawakefulness; inability to sleep
fractiousunruly; peevish; cranky; bad-tempered; Ex. fractious horse
blotchspot; blot; CF. blot+botch
consecratededicate; sanctify; declare as sacred; Ex. consecrate one's life to helping the poor
celerityspeed; rapidity
indignationanger at an injustice; Ex. righteous indignation; ADJ. indignant
conundrumriddle; difficult problem
disdaintreat with scorn or contempt