GRE Word List


given to joking : merry

The meaning of the word jocose is given to joking : merry.

Random words

cognitiveof, relating to, being, or involving conscious intellectual activity (such as thinking, reasoning, or remembering)
sinecurean office or position that requires little or no work and that usually provides an income
smeltany of a family (Osmeridae) of small bony fishes that closely resemble the trouts in general structure, live along coasts and ascend rivers to spawn or are landlocked, and have delicate oily flesh with a distinctive odor and taste
insalubriousnot conducive to health : unwholesome
contiguousbeing in actual contact : touching along a boundary or at a point
affectedartificial; pretended
bentunenclosed grassland
antithesisthe direct opposite
circumscribeto constrict (see constrict