GRE Word List


having the qualities of balm : soothing

The meaning of the word balmy is having the qualities of balm : soothing.

Random words

liquidateto determine by agreement or by litigation the precise amount of (indebtedness, damages, or accounts)
barragea dam placed in a watercourse to increase the depth of water or to divert it into a channel for navigation or irrigation
maculatedmarked with spots : blotched
venisonthe edible flesh of a game animal and especially a deer
gerontologythe comprehensive multidisciplinary study of aging and older adults compare geriatrics
wanderluststrong longing for or impulse toward wandering
wringto squeeze or twist especially so as to make dry or to extract moisture or liquid
renovateto restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding)
servileof or befitting a menial position