GRE Word List


soft and mild (of air); fragrant

The meaning of the word balmy is soft and mild (of air); fragrant.

Random words

maritimebordering on(adjacent to) the sea; nautical; of the ships or the sea; Ex. Maritime Provinces
severityharshness; intensity; sternness; austerity; ADJ. severe: harsh; strict; extremely violent or intense
pastrypaste of flour and water (eaten when baked)
carafeglass water bottle; decanter
pomposityself-important behavior; acting like a stuffed shirt(pompous person); ADJ. pompous: self-important
pendingnot yet decided or settled; impending; Ex. pending decision; PREP. while awaiting; until; Ex. delay the decision pending his return
punctiliousminutely attentive (perhaps too much so) to fine points; stressing niceties of conduct or form; N. punctilio, punctiliousness: careful attention payed to every small exact detail
grievancecause of complaint; complaint
invulnerableincapable of injury; impossible to damage or injure
stokestir up a fire or furnace; feed plentifully